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We can handle your other additional needs

We are proud to handle all your funeral arrangement needs, making it easier on you and your family.

Celebrate the life of your loved one

Every single person is unique and different. Here at Funeral Service of New Jersey Inc, we feel that every memorial service should be personalized to your loved ones and their lives lived. We offer preparations, transportation as needed, as well as optional packaged services. Click the button below to view our optional packaged services available to you.

We are solar powered with an electrical backup system for year round confidence!

Sometimes arranging the funeral ceremony requires your funeral home to pay others on your behalf. We will not charge you extra for this service. Some examples of the people who expect the advance payments from you are the cemetery, churches, synagogues, or the clergy.  


Contact us today and speak with our professionals who will guide you on every step

of the way!

We will not charge you for cash disbursements!

Additional Services

Live webcasting is now available for your convenience!


Contact the professionals with over 29 years of experience to honor your loved ones properly!

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